Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kandinsky and Ireland

natasha sent me an inspiration art pic from this artist. i had looked at his work before but now i'm looking through a different pair of eyes.  i see so much thanks to tasha's challenges.  i just may have to travel to BnN to check out a few art books. and here is a blog that just happened up on my kandinsky art page, i love her blog, marking as fav to go back

BTW happy birthday sis.  i know, i know you will always be younger than me.  don't rub it in.  love to you. and funny Ireland is beginning to pop up all over around me.  it reminded me my sis would love to visit Ireland and you know what i really have a deep desire to take her - we never do sista' time together. she's now a grandma and lovin' that little one with another on the way.

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Christine B said...

Thanks for the link to this blog Dove... very inspiring for me as I continue to work on my City Girls concertina sketch book.. I love photos of people in cities and urban settings.. the latest post on the blog was a feast for my eyes!!