Monday, August 15, 2011

Diamonds on the Lake

i had the most amazing artist retreat this weekend in Georgia at Diamonds on the Lake. 
i entered my bedroom named The Tree Of Life and found this beautiful artist card awaiting my arrival. its titled "Wings To Fly"  the little card reads "only through instinctive determination and perseverance will a butterfly emerge from its cocoon with wings strong enough to fly in breathtaking beauty. God has promised that as we persevere in our trials and struggles we, too, will emerge in brilliant beauty, clothed in His joy and peace."
thank you so much janice!
our group enjoyed our bonding time so much we named ourselves Love Dove.  

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Christine B said...

So glad you enjoyed your creative break Dove. I am so enjoying witnessing your art grow - you are constantly seeking out new inspiration, you soak it all up and it emerges like the butterfly in that card. YOU are an inspiration.