Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Cleaning Out

Well the last two weekends have been spent in the mountains visiting family. And it has been wonderful to get away, see my family and spend time alone with hubby. While visiting my brother we went to his church on Sundays. The pastor delivered a great sermon both Sundays that hit home for me. I took this pic of a beautiful stain glass window in the sanctuary. I would love to have pics of them all. I believer there are at least twenty.
No art worked on but feeling so much better bc i rid my house of a ton of books and magazines. Then moved into my art studio and hit it hard too. Tons of junk out the door, DAV and trash can and giveaway. I even found a lady that could use some fabrics for making quilts. Her hubby is unemployed so i'm going to call her to come over and go through my stash and take whatever she wants. Wow i'm loving this. I needed to do this two years ago. It takes a wakeup call to get your ducks in a row and be obedient to let go of stuff - toxic relationships, attitudes, beliefs, everything. It all has to go!

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