Thursday, September 10, 2009

In The Storm

our days spent away were
in the midst of a storm in more ways than one.
we walked the beach in the pouring down rain
and the wind blowing a gale.
i loved it!!
looking out over the ocean the storm grew stronger
you could see it coming
and yet in the midst was clear sky at times.
long, honest conversations.
intimate moments.
tears, hugs, silence.
deep sighs.
and he remembered a card sent me years earlier from a friend
its in the valleys that we grow
though the mountains tops are wonderful
its in the valleys that we grow.


Threadhead said...

How beautiful!
I am here for you, don't want to be bugging you all the time but if you need a friend, I would love to be there for you! I could call you or write!


Remember, You never walk the storm alone. The sun always shines sooner or later. More prayers and hugs each day!

Mel said...

Yes, It is in the valleys that we grow. You are an awesome person morningDove!