Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonder-filled Life

Today is a new day filled with wonderful opportunities to shine and be a bright light in this world of darkness. I'm loving life right now. This pasts weeks healing services have been wonderful. I love the messages Craig Marsh has delivered to the body of Christ here in our city. challenging!!

I'm loving the word God gave me for 2010 also. Wow, amazing how its popping up all around me! WONDER - in the books i read, conversations being had, pastor's sermons, on net. Thank you GOD for opening my eyes to see.

In scripture there is a verse that says,

"even the rocks will cry out if we don't for the Lord"; my paraphrase.

My hubby loves venturing up the mountain to Sky Line drive to see this formation of rocks. They are so huge and he realizes the expansion and bigness of God standing atop this grouping of rock art from God. Creativity began with God and that is where it will end but somewhere in between the created must need create too.

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