Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dust Bunny Rides Again

Oh how funny - sitting at my computer this morning in the dark i began to watch a mosquito rise up from the desk carrying along an extended tail - oh no - that was a dust bunny from behind the monitor. i had to laugh but sadly to say i squished him. i detest mosquitoes. do they serve a purpose? and on a slightly heavier note - i spent an exorbitant amount of money yesterday on my doggie. for going on 5 years he has had an ear irritation. maybe yesterday we found the problem. BUT i'm going to talk to my naturopathic to see what's going on. too many fatty tumors, ear infection and gum problems. Sounds like i'm describing a babies problems - well - he is my baby that will never grow up.

God is up to something and i'm going there. I never told you about the insurance company's letter last week. They sent a letter explaining they were denying my surgery bc the doc had not sent in enough clinicals. i had to laugh with God and ask what's up with that?! really i did laugh and laugh all the way to packing my bags and pulling out of the driveway to head to the mtns for a visit with family.

In quietness and confidence will be your peace. gotta run, get ready for the day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Up 2 The Mtn 2 Pray

Prayer Mountain

The greatest miracle in all of this - restored relationships with my mom, sis and brothers. The most amazing of all, my next-to-youngest bro, and his life now sold out to God. He calls me everyday to share Christ-happenings. Here's one for you to ponder:

he shared with me that his friends, a couple and the man's mother have lots of land, little money; want to build a sports complex for youth on this land to advance the Kingdom of God. Yesterday my brother told me he was going up on the mtn to spend time with God and seek His Face. Where we live "going up the mtn means timber roads and no people or homes around". On his way close to the top he ran into a man, who he stopped to ask if he could help him, did he need a ride or anything. After exchanging pleasantries my brother went on his way. He stopped short of where he was headed, bc he really didn't know how to find the place and ahead was nothing but a mud hole. He knew if he got stuck there was no way to naturally get unstuck. Right after turning around he ran into the same man again. This time the man wanted to talk to my brother bc of his kind words to him about Jesus Christ.

After talking for quite a while and the man introducing himself to my bro (he was wealthy and an inventor; i checked him out on the web he is for real) the man told my bro if he ever needed anything, anything at all, to call him and he would help him. My brother told the man although he made very little he wanted for nothing bc of Jesus in his life. But he told him of the sports complex desire of the couple. The man told him once they had all their plans laid out to call him and he would donate money in my brother's name. My brother said, "when you donate do it in Jesus' name not mine."

How is that for a God-divine appointment? Personally i believe God is doing that for all that are willing to step out an share Jesus with the world.

hope you don't mind my sharing this story with you online. This is one of many my brother has shared with me. He has me in tears of laughter everyday when i talk to him bc of what Jesus is doing in his life. He is now a soft-touch for Jesus, pliable and supple in the Master's hand. He openly weeps before people and his heart is so tender to things of God.

my brother desires to know the King of Kings personally by his name "Majestic Glory"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonder-filled Life

Today is a new day filled with wonderful opportunities to shine and be a bright light in this world of darkness. I'm loving life right now. This pasts weeks healing services have been wonderful. I love the messages Craig Marsh has delivered to the body of Christ here in our city. challenging!!

I'm loving the word God gave me for 2010 also. Wow, amazing how its popping up all around me! WONDER - in the books i read, conversations being had, pastor's sermons, on net. Thank you GOD for opening my eyes to see.

In scripture there is a verse that says,

"even the rocks will cry out if we don't for the Lord"; my paraphrase.

My hubby loves venturing up the mountain to Sky Line drive to see this formation of rocks. They are so huge and he realizes the expansion and bigness of God standing atop this grouping of rock art from God. Creativity began with God and that is where it will end but somewhere in between the created must need create too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Cleaning Out

Well the last two weekends have been spent in the mountains visiting family. And it has been wonderful to get away, see my family and spend time alone with hubby. While visiting my brother we went to his church on Sundays. The pastor delivered a great sermon both Sundays that hit home for me. I took this pic of a beautiful stain glass window in the sanctuary. I would love to have pics of them all. I believer there are at least twenty.
No art worked on but feeling so much better bc i rid my house of a ton of books and magazines. Then moved into my art studio and hit it hard too. Tons of junk out the door, DAV and trash can and giveaway. I even found a lady that could use some fabrics for making quilts. Her hubby is unemployed so i'm going to call her to come over and go through my stash and take whatever she wants. Wow i'm loving this. I needed to do this two years ago. It takes a wakeup call to get your ducks in a row and be obedient to let go of stuff - toxic relationships, attitudes, beliefs, everything. It all has to go!

Friday, September 18, 2009


last weekend my hubby took me home - to the mountains. I was able to visit my sister and see her new grandson. Also my middle brother and his wife, daughter and her three children. It was great! The weather was perfect. We journeyed up the mountain to Skyline Drive and the rock, near Lookout Mtn. that my hubby loves so much.

I've thought so much about the solid rock we are standing on during this little "bump" in the road, as my hubby calls the diagnosis.

While stopped at the overlook my hubby pointed out this beautiful butterfly on a thistle bush. It was as if the butterfly decided to do an exhibition so i could take its picture. Don't you just love the color? It was such a wonderful get-away. So much so that he is thinking of taking me back today when he gets off from work. Then i will attempt to see mom and another brother. My mom will be 80 this coming month and my sister is attempting a big party over at the Monacan's site.

I'll get to hear the next part of the pastor's sermon if i go. Seems the Lord is working in me "that godly sorrow" the pastor was talking about last Sunday. And this Sunday he is going to extend the series to broken relationships. Both my brother and i are looking forward to hearing that. He and i know how broken our family has been for years. So my "healing" will come in more ways than one. Only God could use a diagnosis to heal the broken hearted. For that my brother and i are both grateful.

i think i hear the tune from John Denver in my head "take me home, mountain momma". ah nostalgia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspired Tags

Here are the 23 tags i received plus mine
when Cheryl sponsored an Inspired tag swap.
i love all of them, so creative.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In The Storm

our days spent away were
in the midst of a storm in more ways than one.
we walked the beach in the pouring down rain
and the wind blowing a gale.
i loved it!!
looking out over the ocean the storm grew stronger
you could see it coming
and yet in the midst was clear sky at times.
long, honest conversations.
intimate moments.
tears, hugs, silence.
deep sighs.
and he remembered a card sent me years earlier from a friend
its in the valleys that we grow
though the mountains tops are wonderful
its in the valleys that we grow.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


hubby and i going away for several days to sort through all the decisions on my diagnosis.
see you on the flip-flop. a few buntings i made for heather's trade called Seaside.

i'm looking forward to walking the beach with hubby, riding bikes, praying over everything and just spending time alone with my hubby. what could be better?