Thursday, September 11, 2014

Addicted 2 Journal Soup

i would rather eat this than food.  seriously i am addicted. i love kate crane's way of art'ing and journal soup fills up my soul. my hubby loved my finished canvas from Part 1.  and since i did not have black gesso thought i might mosey on over to Michael's to see if they had any. 

really, i mean seriously i have never shopped like i did this morning, it must be my sleep deprivation. bc i went in after these two items - black gesso and a range of pinks in primacolor pencils.
and when all was said an done - don't know how long i was in there but i do know how much i spent walking out with these clearance items - i thought i had hit the motherlode.
basket, stencils, H20s, foil, colorshine, paints, texture products, stamps, droppers, zipper flowers, birdie mirror, frames, more self-ink stamps and did i mention stencils.
i mean i really, really went crazy.  it must have been the 9/11 remembrance that drove me over the edge. i guess this is a tough day for so many Americans.
i remember it was my DIL's birthday and my son (police officer) was involved in a shooting with a rapist.  fortunately they did arrest and prosecute the guy but my son reflects on that more than we might care to mention.
thank you kate crane for your desire to teach and do it online. you are a fantastic teacher.  i am off to play with all my goodies to see if i can make a whimsical owl.
thank you to all the police officers and firefighters who serve everyday tirelessly.
i happen to have one of each in my sons.
May God bless all our civil servants.

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