Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No Cares

oh if only that were true - "no cares" i mean. when i am on the open sea i don't feel like i have a care in the world. i guess that is why hubby and i  love it so much. i incorporated  another photo into this weeks journal page. i captured the bird flying beside our ship on day 2 at sea in the Caribbean.

while walking along the beach the day of our son's wedding i came upon this hat that washed up on the beach. God has a way of getting your attention. hubby and i were praying and enjoying the early morning before many were out exploring the beach. i couldn't help but think of my middle son whose name begins with "R" and how he appears to go with the flow and have no cares.  right up to an hour before his wedding he and his buddies were pulling stranded vehicles off the beach where it seems the sand and deep ruts bogged them down. he enjoys every minute of life and i guess that is why this group of young men make such great firefighters and find great pleasure working for local fire departments.
i wanted to pick this hat up and bring it home. but hubby would have no part of that.
another treasure lost, lol.

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