Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Coincidence Me Thinks Not

last night while doing some things (can't remember how it all happened) i came across a prophetic word referencing Luke 21:19. it caught my "attention" this attraction. the NIV reference reads "Stand firm and you win life".  happenstance not hardly.  God is so amazing.  AND THEN while joining a group on etsy up popped a site called "Silverlining Ceramic".  i chuckled again to myself bc the above closeup of my journal page i called "Silver Lining" when i uploaded it yesterday to my group. she has a beautiful cup "Rain Clouds" and for me that has another promise from God that i am in the midst of right now in my life.  hubby and i have been really noticing the awesome clouds and all their forms/shapes.  you remember we used to do that as kids.

GOD is so amazing and HE loves us more than we could ever know.  have a wonderful God-given day.

AND a BIG PSSSS to this post - while watching a Castle episode 10 minutes ago he used the words "silver lining".  so amusing you are so intriguing dear God.

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