Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mi Casa

kate used black gesso so i had no black gesso - improvised using white gesso and purple acrylic paint to begin. love that purple kate!
 as you  taught us - adding layers and texture. lovin' it so far. fav color orange.
 and ta-da! i absolutely love this "think" house.  my one word 2014 is thinking. as you can see my phrase is off reversed two lines but it is now corrected at 1:30am.  see what Journal Soup will do for you - keep you strong and playing wee into the night.

no butterflies another substitution - use my bird punch and glitter that little birdie. i used cut up pics for my walkway. also for my door - a piece of recycled pic reads "by Rose".

thank you kate part 1 has been amazing.


Gerda Weiland said...

Love your background !

thekathrynwheel said...

This looks amazing Morning Dove :-) Especially like the use of that purple paint - genius!

Crafty Claire said...

I love it. Great contrasting stamping on the house it makes it pop.