Sunday, February 01, 2009

Artful Life

Collage Makins'
I am beginning to pull stuff for the collage technique Michelle is going to share with us. I love this pic of a church blanketed in snow. So pristine and serene. I took it last year near my home.
Arful Life

Today has been a most wonderful day. My hubby and i had a breakfast date, from there he took me to Michaels and B&N. After returning home we took our doggie to the park and walked together like newly weds. I enjoy the chats we have lately - of adventurous plans and loving memory-makers in far away places. He wanted to make a run to Trader Joe's to pickup a few unusual food items for our taste buds to explore. I am enjoying my artful life.
But most of all i am learning to live each moment to its fullest.


Sue said...

I love that picture, too. So glad you enjoyed another wonderful day with hubby.

Jacq said...

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful day.

Sherry said...

Michelle's tutes are always so fun. Lovely stuff you have picked out so far. Glad you had a wonderful day with DH.