Thursday, February 05, 2009

Only What's Write

Back Cover
I'm working on my back cover for Taking Flight journal. Its pretty dark right now, but i loved using the pink tissue paper. A work in progress.


I moved back to simplicity in my writing. I enjoy a cheap 3-ring school binder and regular writing paper i used in school. The Bic pen is a nice feel to my hand. So I have been writing and writing a lot. It brings such pleasure.

Perfect, new bodies
all wonder in Heaven
Joy Faith Perfected
Dreams realized
Soar Like Eagles
On-going celebration
Party up or is that Down
Celebrate the fun-eral!!


Fannie said...

What's write? :-D

dove, do you belong to an online book club, too? i just saw your comment over on jacq's blog.

Sherry said...

Looks like we may have to just make you something special in which to "sing your songs", as Fannie would say.

morningDove said...

fannie, the book group is beginning in march i think.