Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday

Lips-Talk To Me

This is another doodle with lips from the artist Warhol.

Today is my son's 21st birthday. at 6:35 21 years ago he was born into this world. he was the sweetest baby. he had long fingernails at birth, so long we had to use the little hand covers on his hands so he could not scratch his face up. he was my longest and proved to be my tallest.

i'm so thankful to God for him. God he has been a joy and blessing to his dad and me.
Thank you God for this wonderful gift on loan for only a season.
Today we also had a situation that was very emotional but God moved on several different occasions to let us know He was in control. Thank you God for your faithfulness.
This is one day i will long remember.

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Sherry said...

Oh my. I didn't realize our children's birthdays were just one day apart. Small world. Hope everything is okay! I know God has your back.