Monday, February 02, 2009

Flight-Ning Group

A group of artists are working together on

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts.

Today I chose the word "JOY" to make art letters for my book cover.

You can't tell that there are three other pieces of fabric attached to the main fabric that makes up this word. One was brown, one multi-colored from a class with Lisa Engelbrecht and a pinky fabric. The underneath fabric was white with textured clouds.

An idea that just came to me - to make each letter - J, O, Y - a small little booklet attached to the cover with a chain. Um, now how to make that happen - i like "N"s technique week folded booklet idea and i think it would work. Everything coming together. Hurray!!! No I may end up making separate booklets with each letter sharing a favorite quote that begins with the letters.

0h Not sure now - but that can be decided later.

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Sherry said...

Love your letters Dove. Thanks for sharing the ning site.