Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Toby Mac

today was an awesome day in church. i was able to experience worship with my son leading the way. that was an amazing feeling. i love the phrase "Inside Out". what we feel on the inside being expressed to the outside world. no preachy sermon, but a love you can't help but express bc of the love of Christ in your life that has changed you.


tomorrow he goes for an interview with a Montessori school. wonder where the Lord is leading him. he also shared he is praying about whether to begin dating again; there is a young lady at his church that places God first like he does. she has attracted his attention. he is praying about
whether he should ask her out.


Sherry said...

Oh I know how this must've made your heart proud!! Best wishes on the interview and the possible date.

Melb. said...

wow! Good stuff going on!