Sunday, March 01, 2009

FAT Kitchen Shrine

Strawberries and Cream
i finished this project by the skin of my teeth.

Well my hubby says we need to take his truck out, drive it around and see if we can finish off all our vehicles. But that is not funny. In one week my Taurus was hit twice and now my son's scion was hit tonight be a NC driver watching his GPS instead of the road. My son is heartbroken bc he paid for this car and it was new. I'm thankful his girlfriend and he are safe.

The last two weeks have been very trying. And the cars are just the tip of the iceberg. Father God thank you for keeping my family safe.

Its been raining, then turned to sleet and snow, now the winds are whipping around like wild child moving everywhere.


Sherry said...

Oh no! You have had some trying times the past couple of weeks. Try to remember, these are material things, as stressful as it may be, and what matters most is your family is safe. On a lighter note, love your kitchen shrine piece.

Reflections of life and art said...

Dove, what a trying time you and your family have endured these past couple of weeks. Praise the Name of Jesus that you are all safe and it was only the cars that were hurt.
As for your art pieces, they are very nice, I like what you have done. Should be a good swap!