Tuesday, August 11, 2009

live out loud - happy b-day hubby

Peeping Toms

i just love this aluminum power drink can postcard from janis.
I call it "peeping toms". i didn't notice the green eyes until i scanned it in.

isn't that the way in life
- we miss so much bc maybe we are "navel gazing"
instead of enjoyingthe life we have
right where we are within the circumstances at the present time?

i feel so saddened by the fact my news was delivered right
before my hubby's birthday.
it seems to suck the happiness of the occasion right out of us.
he has to work today, and i have to work tonight.
2 of my sons will take him to dinner and celebrate his life.
i am so thankful to him for the life i have had.
he has made all the difference in the world.

i love the sermon we heard on sunday.
appropriate for the news we were delivered.
our #2 most powerful force in the world - fear
our #1 most powerful force in the world - FAITH.
he explained 3 men born to be Kings -
Adam, Saul and Jeroboam
all allowed fear to rule them.
fear will make you hide, fear will make you lash out
at the ones you love the most and fear will
make you hold back.

David even in fear worked through it.
David understood his God was faithful.
live big - live deep
Go deep within field tested in fearful places of life.


Sherry said...

Happy Birthday L. So glad to see your spirits are high. Love you bunches.


Tell your hubby, Happy Birthday, from one of your FAT friends. lol Hope he has an amazing birthday! Prayers went out to you again my friend. May you be surrounded with love and support!

Threadhead said...

Happy Bday to your husband...his gift is most definitely you!