Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's Black and White - Justice

Scrapbooking My Faith - Ch 3 Persons of Influence

My page titled "What's Black and White - Justice" is a pic of my hubby right after we were married. This is my favorite black and white pic and probably my favorite pic of all of my hubby. i love the way the shadows from the sunlight and window blind coming through the window fell across his face; like a beard. His hand up beside his face barely shows his wedding ring. His gentle, sweet baby face behind that trooper uniform never seemed to match the authority he carried - "a privilege to serve the people", he would say.

But the man i know could handle the lace i placed underneath the journaling i did and know it didn't take away from his masculinity. lol. The fabric background has clam shells on it bc he loves the Chesapeake Bay area where he grew up on the water. The soft lavender paper has embossed hearts through the paper. My title is kind of a play on words'; if you knew my hubby you would understand.

The journaling says, "though you served justice, you also knew mercy, love, and compassion. i loved you then and because of those i love you more even now. all my love."
i think the page might have had more impact if i kept with black, soft whites and gray. any suggestions?



That's awesome! I don't think I could even suggest more. It's pretty neat the way it is:)

Jacq said...

Hi Dove, I've been thinking about you and hoping things are going well. You are in my prayers.