Friday, August 14, 2009

Mr Bubbles and God Winks

On the day i worked on the previous scrapbook page i was given my guardian angels name - Mr. Bubbles. Who knew that "Mr. Bubbles" the bubbles every child loves to play with was celebrating 75 years last year through one of the oldest toy company's. My boys loved bathing with Mr. Bubbles when they were little.

Now my hubby was struggling when he went back to work with my diagnosis. He approached a young lady that works in their cafeteria and said, "You look like you are a prayer?" She replied that she was. So he shared our circumstances with her and ask her to pray for us. Her response, "You know my mother is the lady at women's imaging that everyone talks to when they find out they have cancer." Who knew - what a God wink for my hubby - that God would be so personal to him. He stood amazed. But i just laughed bc i know that is the kind of person God is.

Yesterday another gentleman he plays golf with sometimes ask him how his wife was. He said, "Oh you already heard?" The guys response, "I was just asking how she was from the ER visit. What are you talking about?" My husband shared the results at which time the guy responded back to hubby, "You know my wife had breast cancer and she has wig books, and she went through chemo and radiation and is fine. Except now she has come down with leukemia." Ok another God wink for my hubby and a boost of spiritual adrenaline for hubby - God is listening and encouraging my hubby to look to HIM. i just love it!!

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jan said...

Good for you, the way you are handling this is absolutely brilliant. I salute you.
much love coming your way from me.
Janet across the pond