Monday, August 17, 2009

Outstanding vs Blessed

i won't quote this correctly but hopefully you will get the jest of this. Yesterday at church i heard this said, "when physical strength gives out - your training leads to the mental endurance." spoken by a Navy Seal-in-training.

the message was
"Jesus' Word for Outstanding is "Blessed."
- many stuck in one place like in movie Ground Hog Day settling
for the same over and over and over.

But Jesus gives outstanding Promises to give us outstanding life.
Jesus mystery - let go of what you are holding on to to get what God has for you
-you're qualified bc of what Jesus did on the Cross for you.
make a choice
1- keep showing up with imperfect people to the Body of Christ
He's tracing out your lives together.
Hebrew 10
2- keep looking up - He's with you in circumstances conforming to you to His beliefs
believe what the Word says about you
Hebrew 12
3- keep giving up Matt 16 follow Me take up your cross
the Cross is an instrument of execution
give it up
Have Passion to live big-keep giving up
and i love this story shared
there was a ship stranded in the sea fearing death bc of no drinking water,
they could see a boat in the distance and sent an sos about no water.
the ship returned a message to "let down your buckets".
the stranded ship couldn't believe they were telling them to do this in the sea
but what they didn't realize was they were near the mouth of the Amazon River.
A river of fresh water that feeds into the sea where the ship happen to be stranded.
Jesus is a river of fresh water in our seas of can't sees.
Who's willing to "let down their bucket today" to receive that fresh water?

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What an awesome message! More prayer for the day. Thanks again for the inspiration:)