Thursday, August 27, 2009

What News

ok hubby was finishing his prayer time just before going to work. He met one of the cleaning ladies in the hall. She asked him if he would consider giving to a charity for the female barber. Then she proceeded to tell him the lady had beat breast cancer but now the cancer was in her brain, lungs and throughout her body. that was devastating news for my hubby to hear.

he called me but hung up w/o leaving a messasge. So when i called him back this is what he shared. As he was sharing i began to laugh, this is something God does for me, i laugh when the enemy comes in and tries to snatch something. He said "I hesitate to share something like this with you but i figured you would respond just the way you did." i can't emphasize enough we need to communicate all our feelings to one another.

I said maybe we, out of our own struggles, need to give generously to help her with medical bills. and share about naturopathic treatments too. We should not become so self-centered we can not see other hurting people too. and most importantly we need to begin praying for her - find out her name. You know i believe he needed to hear this bc he needs to refocus.


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