Monday, April 13, 2009

For Whom The Bell Tolls

All The Flowers of All the
Tomorrows are In the
Seeds of Today

I could not resist giving this title. Gretch didn't know my FIL placed a huge old antique black bell in my flower garden. When i look out my dining room window i see his bell and his beautiful red rose bush. The bush was given as a gift of remembrance when he died. They wrap up around the bell. So much symbolism in this piece of art work. Her hand work in the design and verse are wonderful. Her flower brads are very unusual. and the seed beads are very tiny - reminds me of the mustard seeds i had on a charm bracelet as a teenager. Very special memory. The medallion keyhole is so wonderful. There is just so much detail in this piece. thank you Gretchy-gretch for your heart work. and the journaling of why on the back just as fantastic as the page its self.

I can't imagine what the pages from the other artists will be like!! But God has already planned them out using their masterful hands and minds to create each one.

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Reflections of life and art said...

This is a beautiful piece of art Dove.....God does know what we need and when we need it....VBG!
I take it you have more pages to this a swap on FAT?
How many pages exactly are there and they are all out of fabric....I like this....a frabric journal with others contributing to the memory!!