Sunday, April 19, 2009


Rooted Deep

taking a stand can feel lonely
but you are never along
God is always with you.

i may be in the dance
but i'm not leading.

follow Me and i will make you fishers' of men.
that's what Jesus spoke.
this lesson using stylization and trees create a pic. My trees are alive of course they are.
i'm amazed at how the light and dark has worked to create depth. i'm learning so much.
where are your roots grounded? mine - In Jesus Christ alone. No one else can nor nothing else can make a difference like He can.

today one year ago my son took a vow in marriage. my hubby and i bought our DIL daisies to remember her special day. where is God taking us in all of this? does it matter - what matters is am i following Him.

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Melb. said...


I am nothing without HIM!