Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tree Tenant for Trees

Tree's Tree Tenant - Singing Bird
i wondered how this page would scan. I used a heavy cellophane page with cut, shaped sheer gift wrap to form my tree. added sheer wrap leaves overlaid, then more leaves outside with a bird.

the bird seems to be running through each rr page. the backing fabric is a leaf pattern too. around the border i added yarn to give a little more texture. this is the front of Trees art gallerie.

i know i am pushing "out-of-the-box" ideas. i hope Trees will like it. the scan is too dark and even trying to play with the adjustments didn't help viewing the page on screen.
my mind is focused on my son
my hubby's focus our DIL
he went to the bookstore
purchased to music cds for her.
I love my husband's heart.
I know God knows the outcome.
Keep Praying.

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Sherry said...

very nice piece. Still in my prayers always.