Saturday, April 18, 2009



i didn't lay my body down until after 4am this morning. i had ideas running through my mind everywhere. so up to the play room for a little bit of a challenge from FAT trade ATCs Recycle.

Everything in the three ATCs posted here was laying on my cutting table area. I can't throw anything away, not a scrap of anything. The first is a piece from Lisa Engelbrecht class cut jiggy along beside another piece of yellow fabric. I folded the hand-dyed piece to give little pockets.
added scrap word "imagine".
Top Right - same yellow fabric base, daisy flower piece laid over that a bad sample egglet with a torn piece of chip board pic of nesting chicklets. last but not least words "created by" from selvege edge of fabric.
Bottom - not scanned very good bc its 3D with a round black button for center yoyo. base is same yellow fabric base with a piece of yellow card stock and underneath that the melted scrap of egglet threads, scraps between tulle. i think i will add some streaming vines on this one.

I am getting free-e-e-r everyday to play. Come join me, what am i afraid of - it was failure but hey that's just another piece to cut up and use in something else. Not arrived but working toward having fun - not a goal but an intention.


Sherry said...

Doesn't it feel good when that spontanious moment happens? I've woke in the middle of the night with ideas before and first thing the next morning, up stairs in the studio creating.

Maggie R said...

There must be a lot of us that can't sleep with thoughts racing.... I have been nocturnal for years..