Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leaving An Imprint - Batik

this was a pic from our first cruise. this young deaf girl was sitting in the front store room making her batik fabric. it was amazing to watch. i could not help but weep. the owner cared enough to teach her a trade giving her a more productive life in Grenada. Which leads me to say hubby has booked our next Dec. cruise to the Caribbean. he will never tire of going there. it's his resting place.
as Easter approaches i have been wondering what kind of imprint i am leaving on the world around me? watching the "Jesus" movies on tv leading up to his Crucifixion has me contemplating. He paid a price for each one of us to be set free through his death and resurrection. But yet many don't acknowledge Him. Where would i be without that loving relationship in my life every day?


Fannie said...

wow, thanks for sharing.

happy easter to you and your family, dove!

Reflections of life and art said...

Ditto what Fannie sais...WOW!!!!
Hope you and your family had a great Resurrection Day!

morningDove said...

Noel Easter was amazing bc watching my son lead worship - well to see him bring everyone to the throne of God - its just wonderful what God can do. then i left early to go to work.