Sunday, April 05, 2009

Trees & Hundertwasser

Guess Who
No Not the Grinch

I'm working on my next rr dream house page for Trees. She chose the artist Hundertwasser as her inspiration dream house cover. i loved this artist so much i have purchased a book by Harry Rand about Hundertwasser. He was very colorful; just my kind of guy in the color department. I love his boat lips, his repetitive onion image and spirals.

The pic you are looking at has been cropped and magnified. Trees room is turning out to be such fun to create. There is so much running through my head; so much so that i am thinking of doing a journal of artwork from the notes and doodles i am coming up with. But one thing at a time.

My Job

last night i worked the ticket booth, and it was very busy. i do believe the schedule for spring is a permanent one - 3 nights and one day. there may be one more time slot added but it would be another night. too many nights away from hubby would not be good bc i would never get to be home with him.

off to church - my son will be leading worship at the mission church for another two months. i love watching him grow closer to Our Lord Jesus.

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