Thursday, April 09, 2009

Miser from Miserable

I love this pastor's heart for artists. check out his blog post for today.
When i started my art class on whimsy the first class produced this. This pic came from my quiet time with God that morning. I know it was God drawn because i could never in myself put so much symbolism in this sketch.
I have been enjoying Hundertwasser and his art work. He loved using a boat-shape for lips. I juxtaposed the broken divided heart with the boat-shape lips. Out of the mouth the heart speaks. A stolen kiss outside marriage, a wink, a look, the distraction and lust of the flesh drives when you don't take control. The weight of sin is death. It continues to grow out of his neck and sit on his shoulder but its a growth being fed by lust. The enemy - serpent - continues to wrap himself around Authority until he has produced a baby that emerges from your mind. I can't tell how this pic is ministering to me in the midst of my turmoil in my life.

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mammagil said...

Hi Dove,
I couldn't help but hear the cry of your heart and I wanted to encourage you in the Lord. Know that he is good and kind that his lovingkindness never ceases his mercies are fresh and new each day and that nothing in our lives is insignificant to him he sees it all and will supply all our needs by His riches in Jesus and he has a heart that tears can touch. He is God of all comfort and the father of merccies. Amen God bless you in your journey friend
Love in Christ, Melissa