Monday, November 16, 2009

Advent Calendar

i decided to place my magnetic advents art pieces on a broiler pan bottom. wonder what kind of paint i could use on the background to give it a Christmasy feel. i just love all the artistic little pieces all my friends did for this swap.
thank you very body, i am so looking forward to building up to Christmas using this advent calendar. It is another treasure from a great group of artists around the world.
Day 5 Gratitude
i am so grateful for
1- i can change the color of the letters if i want, 2i love feel of early morning air, 3for a new day, 4rising early, 5my #1 advent yoyo from Trees, 6my #2 advent book from leilani, 7for a newborn fighting for its life, 8the young ofc manager leaving Planned Parenthood after seeing an ultrasound abortion kill a baby, 9Fox news, 10the Bible is Word of Truth and never changes, 11the day is just beginning, 12i can go on very little sleep right now, 13freedom to post my feelings, 14Hannity, 15people who stand for Christian values, 16Jesus paid the ultimate price of freedom, 17there is light at the end of the tunnel, 18God's forgiveness, 19the love of family, 20listening to the Word of God read


Threadhead said...

looks great Dove!I can't wait to put mine togeteher!


Awesome! I still have to get some magnets . Mine is going on my upright freezer since it seems to be my message board:)