Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 4 Gratitude

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my last page assignment was for gretchen but UU will actually be the last. i have something big i want to do with hers, hopefully. Gretchen mentioned visiting Switzerland and other countries in her college days. Her memories were a little faded. So half the page is the face with different women in the background representing her memories of the trip. When you open the page the equestrian rider and horse lay across her forhead perfectly like a little cap. they are all muted colors to represent fading. Her back page is her jardinet with her little blossoms (children) growing in the pots. I used a little torn book page, a piece of colored lace, ribbon for stem, a fabric flower and brad in the center to finish the back page. stretched after Donna Downey's class.

DAY 4 Gratitude
1that i can post this new page, 2being able to have mail delivery, 3the sun is shining-hooray, 4i hear the birds chirping, 5my window view is gorgeous, 6its the Lord's day, 7one little bird is singing, 8my red rose bush is still in bloom, 9i was able to fix son breakfast, 10my laundry is finished, 11my dishes are in the dishwasher, 12greatful for things i have, 13i can help others, 14God hears my prayers, 15i am memorizing scripture, 16less than 30 days to anniversary cruise, 17i can read, 18go to library and get free books to read, 19you can request a new book from the library and they order it, 20this is a brand new day and God's mercies are new every morning. Clean slate!!

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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Great pages. I love the image in the background and the embellishments. It is good to be greatful. Thanks for your comments on my blog.