Friday, November 20, 2009

Wildflower & Gratitude Continued

Wildflower on Skyline Drive

my hubby noticed this little flower growing all alone on the walking trail.
He asked me to take a picture of it.
on to my growing list of gratitude
1)2:30am wakeup call, 2)a gentle rebuke to obey, 3)living life simply, 4)noticing the neglected,
5)my dog taking me for walks, 6)Day 3 of devotional - the thorn in the flesh, 7)friend from GA called, 8)no tv watching, 9)son going to visit new doctor, 10)trusting God knows best, 11)a leaf-free yard, 12)i love piles of leaves, 13)the smell of Fall, 14)wood burning fireplace, 15)my brother killing his first deer of the season, 16)being able to work out issues, 17)enjoying my Inspired tags, 18)working on my sea charms, 19)phone calls from friends, 20)seeing a prophesy fulfilled!!

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