Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Blind Side and Blind Challenge

have you seen this movie? it just came out yesterday and i had to see it. from a true story - i love Sandra Bullock so it was a must see for that reason alone. i loved it, we need more of this encouragement at the box office and not all the killing and gore.

Leilani's 5-Day Blind Challenge

Art Quilt Results

after the last step of sewing sides

in unusual ways it became my iron cover.

i truly love it.


Julie said...

I didn't join in with Leilani's challenge, I've saved it for later, but I love how yours turned out :o) and what a good idea to make it into a cover for your iron.

Jacq said...

Thanks for the movie review. We will go to see it this week.


I love your piece. It's great to click on and see it in better detail. AWESOME!