Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jilliene's Challenge of Gratitude

my dyed, stamped fishy fabric

leilani is having a FAT Five Day challenge. I don't think this is the blind leading the blind but i sure feel lost. Each day we are given instructions to follow in making our art quilt. Oh the challenge in that alone. but i am being taken out of my comfort zone - that's a good thing.

Jilliene has challenged us in the month of November to follow along with her in seven days of gratitude posting on our blogs. So here goes:

1 - for my next breath 2 - my hubby's great paying job
3 - my doc appt was interesting 4 - my doc's openness in listening to me
5 - everyday i get up 6 - i was able to cook a good meal for family
7 - i can laugh 8 - i have great friends online to stick w/ me
9 - i have great artist friends 10 - the rain feels great to walk in
11- i'm wet from walking in rain 12 - my son is doing great in college
13- i enjoy the small lit tree in my dr 14- for jilliene challenging me
15- i can read my Bible 16- God loves ME
17- i can leave my burdens w/ God 18- a warm home
19- we can pay our bills 20- opportunity to enjoy this day

Again thanks jilliene for making us aware of our attitude of gratitude. Be blessed today.

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studioGypsy said...

hahaa!! you did an amazing job, dovie! and... i must confess somedays i did feel lost too! ;) where was i going to take you all next... hehee. xoxo