Friday, October 26, 2007


This morning I awoke with abstract still on my mind. Why was this concept alluring and at the same time alluding me? I had read in one dictionary "a taking away". Those words drew me back in time when we lost Papa (my father-n-law whom I only knew as "dad) in death and the void that has not been filled in our lives. Then I found a meaning that might help me make "abstract" a reality in my art -"achieving its effect by form and color not realism." But I like the word "abstraction" and its meaning of "visionary idea." The pics posted compose all of the meanings. I hope you enjoy them and reflect on the short time we have here on Earth and the meaning of your life: are you living in abstract or reality? Personally I believe I am living in "abstraction".

Yesterday I realized I liked the back of my abstract postcards as much as the front. This is the back of "Bird in A Cage" and a little picture my son drew when he knew the adults were struggling with the loss of his Papa. The four abstract cards are for Trend Setters..
techniques on postcards: foil, bamboo fiber, feathers, thread, tulle,metallic thread, hand-dyed fiber, arc-i-tec=ture technique from Carol Taylor, fireworks technique from Helen Marshall

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