Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's My Story-Was It the Gift or The Giver?

My neighbor had attended a charity event and upon her return home stopped by my home. She expressed to me that she had purchased a gift for me. Upon seeing this wonderful book, a story of a quilt maker, my friend said she felt I also had a story to tell. Here is the wonderful gift she gave to me. It is "The Quilt Maker's Journey" by Jeff Brumbeau. But I have pondered the gift and wonder: Which is the truer gift? the book or the neighbor. I believe I will get her to sign the book with a note and date it for future reference. Another mile stone in my journey. The quote on the inside of the cover mentions "In this touching tale about the value of community, a brave young girl leaves her village in search of the true meaning of happiness." And it is beautifully illustrated by Gail de Marcken. Stop by your local library and take the time to at least look at the beauty within the covers of the book. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Are you looking for your inspiration today? Maybe its right in your own backyard, or even closer; within yourself - waiting for someone to encourage you to go for it.

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Fannie said...

The neighbor is the truer gift, and the book is a symbol of your special friendship.