Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Walk Of Faith - Chrysocracy

Today I decided to begin my blog. Wow! I had not planned on doing this. I

was inspired by Fannie and she encouraged me to just do it. I will begin by

posting a pic I have taken of a project I am working toward. The project is

entitled "Walk By Faith, Not By Sight". My dog and I walk every morning.

I am an early bird, but not sure how many worms I catch. This project was

inspired by Creator God talking with me as I take these walks. Hope I can

post the pic. I have tried and not been successful yet.


Fannie said...

Congratulations, morningDove! You did it!

I like your blog's name, "MorningDew." It sounds like you.

I look forward to reading your blog and watching you grow.

You took the first gigantic step, and you're on the road. Where and how you travel is totally up to you. Now we get to ride along with you. Have fun!

Jacq said...

Your blog looks wonderful! Congratulations on getting it going.