Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bear With Me or Peace Beyond Measure

Yesterday after looking at Fannie's blog and seeing my gift she had made for me, something deep inside me changed. I knew the day was going to begin another spiritual journey into a deeper understanding of many things personally. I wept, and wept at the gift she had made and the humility that a person can have in creating something so beautiful and then give it away. There is a joy in giving that can't be explained just heart-felt.
She doesn't believe me but she is my mentor. She suggested putting my bear in my journal. As you can see he was made many years ago for a cause. I love making gifts for a cause. I usually try to make a quilt every year for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. My little bear has moveable body parts and a heart-felt little pocket for a child to hide special things in. His head band is made of beads. The only other bear I have ever made was like him but out of my grandmother's fabrics and given to my mother as a gift for her to remember mama, my granny.
Today, I will hopefully finish my IQF inchies project but if I don't that is ok. Because in making it another part of me felt a peace beyond measure; a satisfaction with myself I have never felt before. I don't usually measure, there is something liberating in that at times, so it's kind of a little pun - Beyond Measure. How can you measure the gift of freely giving? You see I have not received Fannie's gift but she has already given to me more than I can measure just by knowing it is there.

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Fannie said...

Good Morning,

I'm glad you posted your Bear and added your sentiments.

I mailed your Inchies yesterday, which included some surprises. Enjoy.

You are special!