Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The First and The Last

The first pincushion I have ever attempted to do is posted below. My middle son and his fiancee are planning an April wedding. So tuxs (black-tie affair) are on the brain. I'm not finished embellishing it. The beaded sun face is my first prayer pillow on FATs. It leaves me in the next day or two for a glorious home with another artist. I was practicing my techniques for inchies on the postcard going to a member in group #37.
Plus, I had one Black-eyed Susan inchie left over and could not bear to think it could possibly be a lonely, left-behind little flower sitting all by its self. So being the frugal (LOL) artist I am I wanted it to bless another artistic soul in a new home.
Now for the lasts: today I luncheon with my quilt guild board for the last time as Program Chair. It has been a fun two years but I am ready to move on. I want to begin creating again. I have enjoyed meeting some wonderful quilt teachers that have truly inspired me to take it to the next level in quilting and to think outside the box. Most quilters in my guild are traditionlist and I realized recently I am a non-conformist. One of the teachers I enjoyed bringing to our group was featured in Quilting Arts magazine Oct/Nov 2007 issue in the article "Where and How to Show Your Artwork". Mary Beth Bellah thinks outside the box and loves a challenge. Her site is listed as
"So be encouraged when your last seems to be the first maybe your first will be the last." But that's okay because I look at it this way: "At least I tried it once; now its time to move on."
This statement has to do with what many refer to as an "addiction"; you love what you're making so much each time seems to be the first. Also, when you try a new thing and absolutely hate it; maybe it becomes a UFO (unfinished outcast). My term for something I know I am never going to finish. Well, that's enough philosophy for today. You may quote me if you so desire. (lol) Now go and enjoy creating!

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Fannie said...

Your pincushions look great!