Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smallest of Seeds - Ideas Germinating

Yesterday I received a great package in the mail from my mentor, Fannie. I received my inchies (true, measure one inch, inchies) and they are the most beautiful, little treasures. I am delighted to receive them. She even made an elegant wallet to place them in. The envelope also contained a package of beads and small trinkets, a pencil with the words "Share The Wisdom", a heart pocket and pieces of orange and sparklie white felt. As I was checking out my "goodies" I decided to offer myself a challenge. I will decorate the heart pocket and attempt to make an angel and a dreamsicle pincushion from the felt. When I am finished the challenge, I want to place the inchies, heart pocket and a pick of the pincushions in an art collage to exhibit on my wall from Fannie. I must get her signature on my piece of art. This will be a stretch for me, as I have never done anything like it before but I am up for the challenge.
The tiny little inchies remind me of the parable of the mustard seed found in Matthew 13. The least of all seeds but when grown is the greatest among all herbs and becomes a tree where birds come to lodge in it's branches. Be encouraged: from the smallest, least of ideas can become the greatest, explosion of art ever created.
??? Are you up for the challenges coming your way in life???
A side note: In an earlier post titled "Best Work Ever Produced" I placed a pic of one of my sons. Yesterday he passed his state exam through the police academy. He graduates and officially becomes a police officer on Hallelujah day, October 31. From a tiny seed to a little boy, now a grown man.


Fannie said...



You've got a nice challenge for yourself. Great job! The process of attempting any challenge is the success because that is where character is built and skills are refined. Achieving a challenge or goal is "icing on the cake." Have fun!

You are special!

Jacq said...

I love your idea of making a collage of the items that Fannie sent you. I wonder sometimes if I'm up to the challenges coming my way and am I using the gifts that God has given me. Congratulations to your son I'm sure he will be using the gifts he has been given.