Saturday, October 20, 2007

Best Work Ever Produced

Here are some pics of my earlier work. The bridal doll/ wedding dress doll was made using my head piece and wedding gown. She is wooden with moveable arms and legs. I painted her face on.
My grandmother passed away and when she did I inherited some of her fabric. She was artsy and quilted too. The cloth angels were made from grandma's fabrics. What joy and pleasure working with fabric my grandmother had touched and used herself. But one of the greatest works I ever produced is holding his doggie statue. And beside him is a doll he made when he was very young. Those days are passed and he has grown into a fine young man of 21 years young. Soon he will be a third generation police officer and married beginning a career of his own. I always thought he would be a vet; he loves animals so much. How time does fly!!

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