Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrate Life - Wheel of Fortunate


here is my 2-page layout for Choosing Gratitude, week 2 titled Thankful For. the requirements were it was to be a 2-page layout, to use the title Thankful For, pic 10 pics of same size to place on page and make a list of those 10 everyday things i am grateful for. no one said the pics had to be seen on the page all at one time.

this is canvas painted with watercolor paints. i added chip board letters and dots, paper flower and word "life" with a polka dot ribbon running across the page, attached to the ribbon my "celebrate" tag with the list handwritten on the back. my 10 pics are hidden on the proportion scale. each time you turn the wheel it reveals another gratitude pic. my list of 10: sunset, flower, animals, seeds, clothes, home, marriage, beach, water and clouds. i had always wanted to use the thumbnail prints from my Caribbean cruises and that is what my pics were selected from.

i thought my title letters were originally too big. But as i kept working i really felt impressed that gratitude was the focus of this page not the things i was grateful for. i am so grateful to God for so many things - His faithfulness, His mercy and His love. i realize i need to be thankful in all circumstances no matter what! that is why my pics are virtually hidden unless you rotate the wheel. isn't that how most of us are - our attitude of gratitude is hidden or non-existent? and the list is hidden bc quite honestly whatever we are thankful for changes so quickly. i hear it said abroad that we americans are whiners and ungrateful for all that we do have living in america.

i have a question for you - are your hands open to receive and let blessings flow through you to others or do you tend to close your hands rather quickly to try an hold on to everything?

this study is helping me to realize just how much my attitude can change bc of circumstances.
it ought not to be so - bc of what Jesus Christ did for all of us we should be a steady stream of giving bc our focus is not on us but on Him. let today be a day of giving and thanking Him for all things, all situations and all of life right where we are living. it was the best of times.....regardless

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Wow, how cool! Love the proportion scale idea with the revolving photos. A new piece of work when ever you want it!