Thursday, January 07, 2010


i read where the Comfort Dolls site will be retiring. I am sure there are many women from around the world that received these dolls in traumatic times.

i have a wonderful little collection of dolls received from trades. Think i will figure out a way to hang them in one frame instead of all pin-pushed in my art wall. i so enjoy looking at all the artists' interpretations from my trades. I can say i am truly an art collector.

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Reflections of life and art said...

My heart is sadden by the closing of the "Comfort Doll Project" but understand that things are only for a season and I am very proud to say the I was a part of this project....Dove, your Dotties are lovely and that's a great idea to put them all in one frame. Please post a picture when you have it done!
I'm hoping to carry on with this in my own way so please be in prayer for me as I'm seeking God's guidance and direction!