Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Fluff & Yuck

we have about 8" of snow right now and its still coming down steady.
i love snow, we just never get any.

wonder if i can do a bit of snow dyeing on fabric?!

blankets of white
blinded by the sight
it brings such delight
pouring with all its might.
colleen helped me to see the yuck weighing me down today. so to visually recognize the burdens i decided to wear my ankle weights as a reminder to "let it go."
at the end of the day when i take them off i know i will feel so much lighter.
spiritually i will feel strengthened bc i gave it all to Jesus to carry.
thank you colleen.
i also wrote my yucks out and put them on paper, placed them in my prayer bucket
for Jesus to carry and answer however He wants.
then i placed my gratitude/blessings on papers and placed them
in the bucket. At an appointed time i will pull them out and see which ones
i have the most of. Either way i win - letting go, letting God.

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