Sunday, January 03, 2010

Eye Wonder

apparently there is a movie out called "Up". Joy has a cute video on her site about "up". take a look you might get a chuckle for the day.
my title of "eye wonder" reminds me of all the "uplifting" we are "required" to do as women to maintain our looks (the up bra; ie underwire torture chamber, lotions that supposedly lift the lids, etc.)


more importantly i am wondering about the eye lift that can only come from looking up to the maker and creator - God alone. I believe there is a salve He can place over our eyes to uplift us. i think i need an eye exam - leaving right now to go check out His Word for Me today.
my latest creation for FAT Valentine Pocket Page
now this was fun and creative, well challenging
you can't really see the detail but the little Victorian girl is an inchie with a pocket attached and stuffed with black, glitzy tulle. headed out to make two more.


Joyful said...

Well, this was a sweet surprise! I'm not very often linked anywhere! :) Glad you enjoyed that little video.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep looking up,


This is so gorgeous!