Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine Pocket Pages

i am enjoying playing with different kinds of fabrics,
ephemera and charms to make my pockets.

Under Weather
oh brother - one never realizes how scents can affect your well-being.
went to MILs and she had diffuser out. right away i knew it was
not good for me. i could feel my nose and throat shutting down.
and now i am really having breathing difficulty.


debmck said...

Oooo, Dove, I adore these Valentine pockets. Such yummy concoctions of fabric, fibers & bits!
Sure hope your "scent"-sensitivity subsides soon!

debmck said...

Wow, Dove, I love these Valentine pockets! Such yummy colors, textures & bits! Thanks for sharing (and I hope your scent-sitivity eases soon!

debmck said...

Sorry--I think I left you two comments but I thought I lost the first in cyberspace. Ah well...

Julie said...

YOur Valentine pockets are gorgeous! I hope you're feeling better by today.

PeggyR said...

Love your Valentine pockets. The colors are gorgeous.