Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sun Bonnet Sue Journal

Sun Bonnet Sue

Its Your World - Color It!

Here is my Sunbonnet Sue Composition Journal Cover for FAT. i enjoyed getting back into making a piece of art. i used Claudine Hellmuth paints, fabric, paper, magazine saying and a brad. the paints are so smooth to use.

Daily Devotional Reading

Early this morning 3:19 i awoke and began my day by reading my devotional Bible. Reading the genealogy of Jesus made me weep. There used to be a day i'd skim over all those names and just find them uninteresting. But today i realize we all have an interesting group of ancestors that brought our family line to where we are. I'm grateful for my generations past even if their are people i would just as soon pretend weren't part of my lineage. Still i am grateful for Jesus and what He did to purchase my freedom.

I was saddened by the first murder in the Bible - brother against brother. Seems jealousy and envy never fade away. If left unattended it hardens the heart and leads to murder.

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