Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Draw Quietly-Gracefully

is on its way to Australia.
two days of appointments has definitely kicked my buttocks.
i would love to take a nap but must go fix dinner.
then off to play in art studio - steampunk may get created after all.
My Oldest College Attending Son
is loving his Psychology class.
dealt with an atheistic belief about no God.
my son thrived on that one.
it was like God was just waiting for my son
to react to this one.
I love one thing he shared about our Heavenly Father
giving us choices like our earthly fathers
love us and let us make decisions, harmful as they may be;
there are some decisions a parent can not make for a child
no matter how badly we want to take over their lives at that moment.
it is not our life to make that decision
so we watch as they suffer bad choices
continue to love them through it.
sometimes the choices are far reaching, unchangeable,
filled with suffering, imprisonment, filled with sadness
yet we love.

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Shannon said...

thanks for your interest in joining us to "reduce clutter; create space"! you've been added as one of our explorers to my blog list. let's keep creating space for the life we love!