Friday, January 08, 2010

Cow-t Your Blessings The Bull left the China Shop

hugs and kisses - i'm red with envy with what she's wearing.

Betsy is "udderly" satisfied; shopping has never been so good.
she says, "shoe-fly" don't don't bother me.
at the outlet you could check out the "udder" shoppers latest fashions.
just for shooters.
on to another topic - seeing, eyes, seers.
i cried when the deaf girl on Heroes began to play the cello in the park
as she saw the colors flowing from the instrument. the sound was
like no other - well it was heavenly and all the passer-bys recognized it.
i'm not sure why i cried.
i know i am fascinated with the colors and movement of music
being played on my computer. i could watch it for hours.
i strive to capture that in fabric.


teri said...

Oh this is such a CUTE photo. I just love towns that have an animal that each place decorates differently. One town we visited had all donkeys, and another had dogs. This is the first COW I've seen! xo-teri

Thauna said...

Love the cows...very, very cute.