Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrate Life - Wheel of Fortunate


here is my 2-page layout for Choosing Gratitude, week 2 titled Thankful For. the requirements were it was to be a 2-page layout, to use the title Thankful For, pic 10 pics of same size to place on page and make a list of those 10 everyday things i am grateful for. no one said the pics had to be seen on the page all at one time.

this is canvas painted with watercolor paints. i added chip board letters and dots, paper flower and word "life" with a polka dot ribbon running across the page, attached to the ribbon my "celebrate" tag with the list handwritten on the back. my 10 pics are hidden on the proportion scale. each time you turn the wheel it reveals another gratitude pic. my list of 10: sunset, flower, animals, seeds, clothes, home, marriage, beach, water and clouds. i had always wanted to use the thumbnail prints from my Caribbean cruises and that is what my pics were selected from.

i thought my title letters were originally too big. But as i kept working i really felt impressed that gratitude was the focus of this page not the things i was grateful for. i am so grateful to God for so many things - His faithfulness, His mercy and His love. i realize i need to be thankful in all circumstances no matter what! that is why my pics are virtually hidden unless you rotate the wheel. isn't that how most of us are - our attitude of gratitude is hidden or non-existent? and the list is hidden bc quite honestly whatever we are thankful for changes so quickly. i hear it said abroad that we americans are whiners and ungrateful for all that we do have living in america.

i have a question for you - are your hands open to receive and let blessings flow through you to others or do you tend to close your hands rather quickly to try an hold on to everything?

this study is helping me to realize just how much my attitude can change bc of circumstances.
it ought not to be so - bc of what Jesus Christ did for all of us we should be a steady stream of giving bc our focus is not on us but on Him. let today be a day of giving and thanking Him for all things, all situations and all of life right where we are living. it was the best of times.....regardless

Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Fluff & Yuck

we have about 8" of snow right now and its still coming down steady.
i love snow, we just never get any.

wonder if i can do a bit of snow dyeing on fabric?!

blankets of white
blinded by the sight
it brings such delight
pouring with all its might.
colleen helped me to see the yuck weighing me down today. so to visually recognize the burdens i decided to wear my ankle weights as a reminder to "let it go."
at the end of the day when i take them off i know i will feel so much lighter.
spiritually i will feel strengthened bc i gave it all to Jesus to carry.
thank you colleen.
i also wrote my yucks out and put them on paper, placed them in my prayer bucket
for Jesus to carry and answer however He wants.
then i placed my gratitude/blessings on papers and placed them
in the bucket. At an appointed time i will pull them out and see which ones
i have the most of. Either way i win - letting go, letting God.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Grow, Move Forward

Grow, move forward
i am delighted to say i sent a large box of cotton fabric to
an online seamstress who is making clothing for the
children in Haiti. Isn't it just like God to bring the
right people together to meet one another's needs.
this is another Birthday ATC going to Australia.
i forgot to mention i recycled - i had made a
postcard and never did anything with it so i
chopped it up into two ATCs.
repurposed, recycled, reinvent.
the box i sent the fabric in - recycled
from the lovely ladies that mailed me
my special quilt, pillow and Boobie doll in.
thank you so much UU and hammies.
NOthing gets wasted around my house.
except for what was in my storage area:
oh the weather was so great yesterday i decided to declutter my outside storage area.
i took a truck-load of junk to the landfill. i hated that i let clothing get mild-dewed so
they had to be trashed. does anyone know if there is something to get that out?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Draw Quietly-Gracefully

is on its way to Australia.
two days of appointments has definitely kicked my buttocks.
i would love to take a nap but must go fix dinner.
then off to play in art studio - steampunk may get created after all.
My Oldest College Attending Son
is loving his Psychology class.
dealt with an atheistic belief about no God.
my son thrived on that one.
it was like God was just waiting for my son
to react to this one.
I love one thing he shared about our Heavenly Father
giving us choices like our earthly fathers
love us and let us make decisions, harmful as they may be;
there are some decisions a parent can not make for a child
no matter how badly we want to take over their lives at that moment.
it is not our life to make that decision
so we watch as they suffer bad choices
continue to love them through it.
sometimes the choices are far reaching, unchangeable,
filled with suffering, imprisonment, filled with sadness
yet we love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heart of the Matter

Heart of The Matter is having a great give-away with Rosetta Stone. oh how i would love to win this. i was at B&N looking at the Spanish tonight. hubby said it's not priority right now. To which i responded, "Maybe you need to write down all your goals and see what God does with them. Because for me this is a need." Besides with his job who is to say they wouldn't send him unexpectedly into a Spanish- speaking country to work".

Here is their promo: go check it out!!

Surround your family with language.
By taking them there!
Travel to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona with Homeschoolers
from all over the United States.
Join Rosetta Stone Homeschool,
on the inaugural Homeschool Language Learning
and Networking Trip August 2-11, 2010.
Become immersed in new lands, explore history, culture, art and community. And truly speak to the world. For more details visit
Hurry, registration for the trip ends February 15, 2010.
For your chance to win a Rosetta Stone language product, please visit Heart of the Matter. Entries are being accepted until February 1st.

Faded Flower Birthday ATC

this one is headed to Australia
i used a packing tape with a hint of tulips on it as the last layer
before adding the words.

Monday, January 25, 2010

St Thomas - Coral World

the color in this is true to life

what's lurking behind the walkway fence?
i find these creatures fascinating
i just developed some of my pics from the cruise, love the Coral World scenery.
hubby working on another cruise, hopefully in June - what can i say - he's addicted.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Choosing Gratitude-The Yuck

Shadows of The Heart

here is my first journal page working through Choosing Gratitude. i used blue fabric with small hearts throughout the fabric for my background. two photos i took were cut up and incorporated into the page. i used scraps from the cutup photo to make my dark hearts and wrote words on them that are my yuck - presumptuous sin, and preconceived ideas. three pieces of black yarn are dispersed throughout, esp. at the feet of the shadow indicating bondage.
the tiny white heart in the center of her shadow represents Hope in Jesus Christ. there is always hope when we have our eyes fixed on Him and not on our circumstances. they will change and fade away, but He never changes - He will never leave nor forsake us.

When i began thinking of this layout the Lord brought to mind the verse Isaiah 6:10. so i used a white uniball pen to journal it on a piece of black fabric. finally i covered it all with a piece of black, gold glitzy tulle. it reminds me that all that glitters is not gold and many things of the heart are masked over. let go today of those things and let God begin to cleanse your heart.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Extraordinary Measures

what makes a person go against the odds?
what drives you on to do great things?
what is that - compelling you to move past status quo?
this movie is being released in theatres tomorrow.
i plan on going to see it.
today i moved past a fear that had developed inside me
not one to do with my AuGuST diagnosis
one that possibly has led to it.
my quiet time before the Lord
with the Lord is growing.
what do you measure a man by?
i know what the world tends to measure a person by.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Year Of Letters

i love that an artist has decided to create beauty in a year of handwritten letters.
her handwriting is beautiful and the paper lovely.
inserted in with the letter a wonderful dictionary page
and the bundle tied in red ribbon.

once upon a time i made the time to write all by hand thank you notes, letters of encouragement and letters to family and friends. Then what happened - the digital age.

i love receiving a note handwritten from someone in the mail. so with that said be on the lookout my Putting Pen To Paper friend - your handwritten letter is on its way to you - including a small tear where my doggie wanted to be a part of your letter to - he's always stealing the show!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Glorious Sound

i awoke to sounds of busyness
the trees have shed their leaves
and bare before my soul it is.
i listen to man-made sounds,
autos running to and fro,
the whistle in the distance of
a train as it approaches the crossing.
saddened i do not hear nature's music
i bend my ear and comes the beauty near
the sound of a happy bird chirping
as i press to hear more in the background
the splendor of a faint singing of more winged ones.
how glorious in early morning i rise.
listen to what you hear.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


(BIT) for Butt i'm turned
i love this sidewalk sale in Bonaire.
the little lady looks like her butt was but on backwards.
now that's what i call stuffed. lol
on a more serious note - i headed to the mtns to visit family and when i arrived i heard news that my sister had been involved in an accident on the interstate the night before.
a tractor trailer hit her small car and spun it into the guard rail, then a spin, forcing her car to head headon into his truck.
my sister is really spunky - she realized if she applied brakes more cars would be involved in the accident. She never applied brakes but closed her eyes and prayed to God.
i know He heard and answered bc even though her car was totaled she only has a fractured stearum. I say only, but that is painful enough.
they released her from the hospital and i was able to visit her at home before i left to return home. how awesome is God.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wall Art - Trades YouArt

i just love how my UU doll oversees everything in my dining room/art museum.

this is a close up of the inchie collection i have framed so far from FAT and Inspired.

the top pic is a closeup of the bottom left side of the large framed art trades.
Dorsett buttons have become fish bubbles.
there is an ATC of a movable, brad-winged angel witha pickle bookmark.
i'm so excited i finally placed this wonderful art on my wall for others to see
my eyes to enjoy and remember the traders that have passed through FAT.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Art Collection - Inchies

Inchies & More

yesterday when i found a few free minutes i re-framed my trade art collection and placed them on my dining room wall - my art studio museum of fine art from around the world. i love it!!

i pulled out my little art pieces i have traded over several years that were tucked away in my vintage trunk my FIL bought me many years ago. love that trunk too - a great antique.
i have quite a stash of inchies - i never realized how many i do have. well that is my next project - framing all those little treasures along with the one rectangular master piece i already have up.

my hubby noticed them when he came home last night, hope he doesn't mind bc they are staying up. i just love looking at them and being reminded of each person that sent me their art work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prince Charming Pocket Page

i wanted to do a white-on-white luscious fabric, fiber and ephemera pocket page. i started by building my layers on my batting. the different textures i added were scrumptious. i was falling in love with this piece the more i worked with it. i added Angelina, lace, hidden words, a crocheted doily, yarns, beads, a pearl button and then.
Well then i came across my "found object".
Prince Charming, the frog.
He just had to go on this wedding piece - but i have decided he will be part of the package inside. He's so cute and flexible. Of course i could not leave him exposed, so i added a pearl bow tie and a beaded heart.
My inside goodies may have to pertain to the Princess and the Frog.
i only wish i had a camera instead of this flat scanner. it's so hard to get a great pic of this piece of art. i hope the recipient will like it.
on another note.
my business paper work has left the building
the package has been delivered to our acct'ant.
what a load off my shoulders.
now on to more important things-creating art.

Monday, January 11, 2010


light at the end of the tunnel

Looking at Thauna's blog i see Teri started "shooters" before "shopping". The subject "light".
i wish my hubby would hurry and take me "shopping" for a new camera. that's a shopping trip i want to go on. did i tell you i hate shopping, really, no seriously, i hate shopping.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine Pocket Pages

i am enjoying playing with different kinds of fabrics,
ephemera and charms to make my pockets.

Under Weather
oh brother - one never realizes how scents can affect your well-being.
went to MILs and she had diffuser out. right away i knew it was
not good for me. i could feel my nose and throat shutting down.
and now i am really having breathing difficulty.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Inspired Alphabet Inchies Display

Inspired Alphabet Inchies Trade 2009
i decided to display my alphabet inchies in a way
i could enjoy them everyday throughout the year.
i've had the flower girl art piece forever.
i really liked using a piece of vellum to mount
my inchies on, with her face subdued in the background.
now i will find a pretty frame to place it in.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Cow-t Your Blessings The Bull left the China Shop

hugs and kisses - i'm red with envy with what she's wearing.

Betsy is "udderly" satisfied; shopping has never been so good.
she says, "shoe-fly" don't don't bother me.
at the outlet you could check out the "udder" shoppers latest fashions.
just for shooters.
on to another topic - seeing, eyes, seers.
i cried when the deaf girl on Heroes began to play the cello in the park
as she saw the colors flowing from the instrument. the sound was
like no other - well it was heavenly and all the passer-bys recognized it.
i'm not sure why i cried.
i know i am fascinated with the colors and movement of music
being played on my computer. i could watch it for hours.
i strive to capture that in fabric.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


i read where the Comfort Dolls site will be retiring. I am sure there are many women from around the world that received these dolls in traumatic times.

i have a wonderful little collection of dolls received from trades. Think i will figure out a way to hang them in one frame instead of all pin-pushed in my art wall. i so enjoy looking at all the artists' interpretations from my trades. I can say i am truly an art collector.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'll Take A Heap of Ammonia

i found this very disturbing - if you eat fast food hamburger you are also eating ammonia mixed in with it. aren't we glad we have the FDA to protect us - NOT. wonder what else they are allowing and calling safe. Would you want your children and grandchildren eating ammonia?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

He Needs No Introduction and My Blue Bird

Blue Bird of Happiness Art Lottery PC

and a friend sent me this intro Steve Harvey did on more than a man.
what do you think - a comedian introducing Jesus.

Monday, January 04, 2010


i have leftover flannel that was just beckoning to be made into a journal cover. my fav colors.
oh i love feeling this cover and the purple binding is duct tape
here is the back. and unused flying geese block with more duct tape - yellow and pink.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Eye Wonder

apparently there is a movie out called "Up". Joy has a cute video on her site about "up". take a look you might get a chuckle for the day.
my title of "eye wonder" reminds me of all the "uplifting" we are "required" to do as women to maintain our looks (the up bra; ie underwire torture chamber, lotions that supposedly lift the lids, etc.)


more importantly i am wondering about the eye lift that can only come from looking up to the maker and creator - God alone. I believe there is a salve He can place over our eyes to uplift us. i think i need an eye exam - leaving right now to go check out His Word for Me today.
my latest creation for FAT Valentine Pocket Page
now this was fun and creative, well challenging
you can't really see the detail but the little Victorian girl is an inchie with a pocket attached and stuffed with black, glitzy tulle. headed out to make two more.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sun Bonnet Sue Journal

Sun Bonnet Sue

Its Your World - Color It!

Here is my Sunbonnet Sue Composition Journal Cover for FAT. i enjoyed getting back into making a piece of art. i used Claudine Hellmuth paints, fabric, paper, magazine saying and a brad. the paints are so smooth to use.

Daily Devotional Reading

Early this morning 3:19 i awoke and began my day by reading my devotional Bible. Reading the genealogy of Jesus made me weep. There used to be a day i'd skim over all those names and just find them uninteresting. But today i realize we all have an interesting group of ancestors that brought our family line to where we are. I'm grateful for my generations past even if their are people i would just as soon pretend weren't part of my lineage. Still i am grateful for Jesus and what He did to purchase my freedom.

I was saddened by the first murder in the Bible - brother against brother. Seems jealousy and envy never fade away. If left unattended it hardens the heart and leads to murder.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Bring In New Year for Troops

I brought in the New Year with more art cards for Operation Write Home.

watercolor cattails in the marshland.

dinosaur for a child
So many times we make cards so formal and thinking of the adults only.
this one is for a parent to send home to a child.

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year everybody.