Thursday, January 16, 2014

Document Life Wk 3 Mail Envy

in my art journal I added a 2-page spread of flip-out or may be what they call tip-ins mail art envies.
closeup - left side with base of washi tapes - top envy verizon recycled envelope about 'words', musical washi tape, coupon, fabric folded poppy,
right side gorgeous mail art birthday card, beautiful stamps, fabric flowers, stamp
painted lutradur with fabric and written 'blah, blah, blah' bc sometimes that's all you feel like people are hearing as you speak or that's all you hear as someone is speaking.
all the gifting goodness on the inside of the envies - lutradur dryersheet flower, aceo, fabric postcard and felted postcard.

Week 3 - mail art envy for Documenting Life 2014 was really fun to do - so much on each one of the envelopes. i will keep coming back to these two pages to enjoy the fun in creating them.

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